TTD Microfibre Gym/Beach Towel


For the every day gym junkie or beach goer, a towel so soft you might even fall asleep on the bench yet big enough to tan those sexy chicken legs on the sand.... AND leave the sand behind afterwards too! 


  • 70cm (L) x 140cm (W) - Perfect size for a weights bench. 


  • Non-slip microfibre- Not like a standard cotton towel that slips and slides when you get up of the bench or move on the cardio equipment 


  • Odour free- Our unique Microfibre design wont hold onto manky sweat smells and make you want to hurl mid workout.


  • Single sided design- Our new age TTD logo embedded into one side and logo free on the other. 


  • Wont hold onto sand- That's right, have a day at the beach, jump up and flick the towel and leave confidently without half of the beach trekking through everything in your car or bag.

The non-slip microfibre design came about as a result of our team loving a gym session and essentially 'cracking the sh*ts' when our towel would slide around on the bench on preacher curls machine. Finally a gym towel that is actually user friendly. The feel of our Microfibre towel is insanely soft. One feel and you'll know what we mean.


Sick of a gym towel that seems to hold onto the sweat of 1000 people who didn't wipe the bench down before you? TTD Microfibre Beach/Gym towels don't capture or retain smells so you can punch on with that sweat session knowing your gym bag wont smell like sweaty ball sacks afterwards... Probably still wash it often though.


We are gym junkies, ourselves at TTD and nothing is more annoying than a towel that wants to go on its own little journey when you reposition yourself on the gym equipment. We wanted to create a towel that eliminated that issue but like most our other products was still multi-purpose meaning, yes its a gym towel but due to its size a perfect beach towel too! I (Ash) hit the gym most nights and since designing this towel have tested the hell out of it. I wont sell a trashy product and absolutely swear by it.

This towel sits perfectly on gym equipment and is soft on your body too, weather on the beach or at the gym you will feel like an Egyptian god, in complete bliss!

Washing is as simple as it gets... Cold cycle and air dry. Or, if you're in a rush and forgot to do the washing earlier.... a dryer on delicates is fine too.

Customer Reviews

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Quinton R
More of a beach towel

Can't fault the quality at all, I'm a return customer and love all your products. The towel is great but probably a little big for a gym towel with some machines. I've taken it to waterworld with the family though and it dried super quick and done a great job of drying the kids too!