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TTD Gym Goer Bag

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TTD Gym Goer Bag,

All the times you've gone to the gym and told yourself you don't need a bag because you 'Hardly take anything with you...' then gotten there to find you shorts don't have pockets or the pockets would even fit a child's hand in them so you end up having you keys, wallet, phone, shaker on the floor. 


Then some guy walking around with invisible lat syndrome stumbles over all "organised chaos" and all of a sudden a bag seems like a great idea....


Well, TTD has your back! TTD Gym Goer is the nappy bag you know and love but no change mat (You don't need that to lift heavy things and put them back down again) add in the Thermo Pouch to put your gym goodies in and you are sweet and dandy. 


No more upsetting the big fella because your shaker rolled from under your bench and attacked him.


Includes- TTD External Bottle Pouch, TTD Thermo Pouch & TTD Grab Bag

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